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Kuan Kung: the god of war

Kuan Kung, also known as Kuan Ti, is the Chinese god of war. He protects and defends the oppressed and fights against all those who wish to take advantage from others. Besides this, he is one of the Chinese gods of wealth as well, helping people attract wealth and prosperity to their lives and homes whenever he is present in them.

This god of war is the Saint Police Chief, the god who commands all those who fight evil. Kuan Kung is the keeper of all good people and the fighter of those who intend to hurt them or cause them a problem of any kind. He protects people from being robbed, assaulted and from all kinds of crimes in general. This way, if you wish to feel more secure while being away from home, you can carry a Kuan Kung as a lucky charm and receive its protection wherever you go.

Kuan Kung is also the guardian of all businesses owners, politicians and leaders in general. Therefore, if you belong to one of these groups and have leadership responsibilities, you should have a Kuan Kung on your desk or at the place you work in order to allow it guide you and protect you from bad forces.

In order to maximize its powers and the protection you can receive from it, the ideal place for you to have your Kuan Kung is in the northwest area of your house, business or any other environment in which you wish to keep it. While being at this spot of the house, he will make you feel much more secure and safe from all kinds of evils which might wish to come in your way.

Whether it is in the northwest are of the house or in any other spot, Kuan Kung should always be placed facing the main door. This way, he would be able to reject any bad forces which may wish to enter the house. Therefore, the most ideal place for Kuan Kung to be is in the northwest area and facing towards the main entrance of the house.

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