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The bagua map area of creativity and children

Creativity and children is the bagua map area located at the east of every environment. Everything that is related to creativity, thinking and children depends on this area and is affected by its harmony. This area has a great impact on all our creative behaviors and activities as well as with the way we relate with children.

The relation between creativity and children is not coincidence. Kids think without boundaries, they don't impose barriers to their minds and their thinking. And the creativity and free thinking which adults wish to achieve is just like the one which kids have. As we grow, society and life imposes us barriers and models our thinking in such a way that we loose some of the creativity with which we were born. And this bagua map area deals with this life aspects and can help us improving our creativity skills.

By paying attention to this bagua map area we can open our minds and have contact to the creativity we had when we were kids. This way, this area is fundamental not only for everything related with children, but also affects our careers and every day lives. We might be able to highly improve ourselves and the product of our work by harmonizing this area of the house.

There are some specific cases when you should harmonize this bagua map area. If you have problems with your kids or you are finding problems when it comes to understanding each other, then you should re arrange this area. You should also pay special attention to this area in other cases such as if you wish to have kids, if you feel like lacking of energy or too old, or if you need to be more creative.

The main elements of this area are water and earth, and therefore you should make sure you keep some of these elements in this area. If you can't have water and earth itself, you can represent it by using colors white and earth tones. Also, this area should contain pictures of your children, ideally in a ceramic or terracotta frames.

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