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The bagua map area of fame and reputation

The fame and reputation bagua map area is at center in the north region of every environment. This house region has a great impact on the way people see you and the respect they feel towards you. Most powerful people have their desks at this area of the room, and their power and reputation is correlated with it.

This bagua map area is the one which you should balance and enhance in order to improve the way others see you and gain more power. Whenever you need to impove this life area you should find out where this bagua map region matches your environment, whether it is the north area of your house or the north area within a specific room, such as your office or any other which somehow represents power and reputation to you.

There are some certain cases in which you should pay special attention to this bagua map area besides of wishing to achieve a good reputation or improving the already existing one. Whenever you are not receiving the credit you should receive about something specific, this is the area you should pay attention to, as well as whenever you wish to have your name known in relation with something. You should also look for balance in this area whenever you need to do something for which you can't find courage enough since harmonizing this area will help you having the amount of courage you need.

In order to achieve the correct balance within your fame and reputation bagua map area you should start by making sure it doesn't contain objects which might give you the wrong reputation. Any object within this area should be according to what you are. If you have any trophy or degree you should exhibit it in this area. Besides, if you keep your desk in this region of the house or environment, you should have a chair which has a high back and provides you with good support.

The main element of the fame and reputation area is fire, and the secondary one is wood. Therefore, it is very important that you have these elements within this area, whether they are represented thorugh objects or through colors. Any objects made of wood or plants would be ideal, since they not only directly represent wood but also create fire according to the cycles of the elements. If you wish to represent this elements throguh the use of colors, you can do so by using the colors red and green.

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