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The bagua map area of family

According to the bagua map indications, the area which corresponds to family can be found at the west of any house or environment. On this area depends how your family life flows and how your family relationships go on. You should pay attention not only to the room that is located at the west of the hose, but also to the west area of your living room since it where families usually gather and therefore contains great symbolism.

If you are having family related problems, you should pay attention to this house area and balance the elements that it contains or add the ones which it lacks. Your family lineage and past are also kept in this portion of your house, and therefore, this area has a great impact on the way you feel about it.

Whether it is that you need to improve the relationships between you and your family members, or you wish to become part of a new one, the west side of your house is where you should center your attention. Also, if you have gone through a family problem or wish to overcome an obstacle from the past, this is the right area to balance. Anything related to your family life, whether it is related to the past, the present or the future, must be harmonized through this area.

The main element of this bagua map area is wood. Therefore, there should always be wood at the west area of your house in order for you to have a good family life. Any object made of wood, such as tables, chairs, frames and ornaments in general would allow you to harmonize this area properly. Pictures of your family members and you are great additions for this area as well.

Besides wood, water is another element which you should make sure this area contains. It could be, for example, water in a vase or a fountain, or just objects and colors which represent it just like it happens with wood. If you wish to add these elements through the use of colors you should use green for wood and black or blue for water.

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