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The bagua map area of health

The bagua map area of health is at the center of every environment. This area does not belong to one of the eight edges of the original bagua but is at the center where all the other areas meet. This is not coincidence, since we depend on our health for being able to go on with the rest of the areas of our lives.

This central health area includes everything related with your health as well as every other life aspect which doesn't suit any of the other bagua areas. Therefore, the central area of your house, your office and every room within any environment has a great importance and defines your health at the same time than affects the rest of your life.

If you are sick or you have any health related problems, this is the bagua area you should balance. Also, if you feel that your inner life lacks harmony it might be due to a parallelism with this bagua area and therefore you would enhance your own equilibrium by balancing the elements of this area. Whether it is your physiological or mental health, this area is where the balance or the lack of it might be created.

Actually, since this bagua area is in contact and affects all the other bagua areas, you should always make sure it is in balance in order to help you balancing the other life areas besides the health one. Therefore, this is usually seen as the main bagua map area due to its high impact in every aspect of our lives.

The main element of this are is earth and it should be always present in a good amount. You can add earth by placing ornaments or objects made of terracotta, stones, ceramic, or any other material earth related. You can also add this element through the use of the colors that represent it and which are yellow, orange and brown. The secondary element which should also appear in this area is fire, and you should try to have its presence within this area if possible, whether it is through objects that symbolize it or through the use of the color red.

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