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A brief biography on Albert Low
Albert Low is a feng shui expert and practitioner who has written several important books.

The feng shui expert Joey Yap
Joey Yap is an expert in the discipline of feng shui who works as a practitioner as well as a teacher on the subject.

Susan Chow: a very active feng shui practitioner
Susan Chow is a feng shui expert who is not only known in the country where she lives but in the rest of the world as well.

Kwan Lau and feng shui
Kwan Lau is a feng shui consultant who is also known by being the author of some very useful books, among which we can find a very helpful book on Chinese astrology.

Jami Lin - A consultant who combines interior design with feng shui
Jami Lin is an Interior Designer graduated at the University of Florida, School of Architecture.

Marina Lighthouse - A western feng shui expert
Marina Lighthouse is one of the most successful western feng shui experts.

The background of the feng shui expert Jon Sandifer
Jon Sandifer's background is very interesting and broad. He is one of the most famous feng shui consultants available, known and asked for advice not only in his country but also worldwide.

Sarah Rossbach - A very productive feng shui expert
Sarah Rossbach is a feng shui expert and consultant who has learnt and worked together with H. H. Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun.

Karen Kingston - A feng shui expert in great demand
Karen Kingston is one of the most required feng shui experts of the occidental world.

His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun
His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun is the founder and leader of the Black Sect Tantric Buddhism.

A short bio on a feng shui expert - Eva Wong
Eva Wong is a traditional feng shui practitioner who comes from the Three Periods and Three Combinations schools.

The Lillian Too feng shui success story
Lillian Too is known as the most important representative of feng shui around the world; actually you'll find the Lillian Too feng shui books at almost every corner of the earth.



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