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A brief biography on Albert Low

Albert Low is a feng shui expert and practitioner who has written several important books. His books have been read by people of different parts of the world and he is often asked for advice on many different life matters in which feng shui can be a great help.

The first book he has published is Feng Shui: The Way to Harmony. This book explains feng shui basics from its roots, allowing the reader to learn in what this ancient discipline is based on as well as understand how it works. Feng shui aspects such as how to harmonize an environment, and how do the elements interact with each other as well as with the living beings around them can be found and understood in this book.

In 1995, Albert Low published Practical Feng Shui for the Home, a 444 page book which allows readers to find solutions to several feng shui related problems and questions. It allows its readers to learn how to use the five main elements, light, and other feng shui related factors in order to solve some of their life problems or overcome obstacles.

Three years later, in 1998, Albert Low published Modern Living with Feng Shui. This book provides guidance on how to achieve our life goals by balancing the elements of our environment. The place where we live and the objects which surround us can have a direct effect on us, our daily activities and the way things turn out for us; and this book explains how feng shui can help us improving the relationship between these elements and us.

Two of the remaining most important books of Albert Low where published in 1999: In Search of a Zen Si Fu, and Practical Feng Shui for your Workplace. In Search of a Zen Si Fu is an illustrated book which allows readers to have a different approach on feng shui learning about it with humor. Practical Feng Shui for your Workplace is centered on helping readers to improve their work environment and the way in which it affects them and what they do in them.

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