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A short bio on a feng shui expert - Eva Wong

Eva Wong is a traditional feng shui practitioner who comes from the Three Periods and Three Combinations schools. Her knowledge, therefore, has solid roots on ancient and traditional Chinese feng shui practices. She is known to be one of the greatest feng shui experts and practitioners of these days, and if you are looking for really trustable information, you surely should consult on hers.

This feng shui expert does not only help people with her face to face advise and recommendations but also dedicates some time to writing online and letting very valuable information available for anyone who might need it. You can easily find this information by researching on the Internet.

Eva Wong is also the author of two books on feng shui, named The Ancient Wisdom of Harmonious Living for Modern Times, and A Master Course in Feng Shui. These books are available at most bookstores allowing us to accede to very helpful feng shui information through them.

Feng shui is not Eva Wong's only area of knowledge; she also has a broad understanding of Taoism and its basis. She has written and translated many books on this subject, among which we can find Seven Taoist Masters, Harmonizing Yin and Yang, Cultivating the Energy of Life, The Art of Health, Longevity and Immortality and Teachings of the Tao among others.

The roots of Eva Wong's knowledge started being built in Hong Kong and were based on the transmission of information coming from relatives when she was very young. From that time on, she kept studying, learning, and practicing feng shui and Taoism based on the most traditional and truthful knowledge.

In a moment like this, when there are so many people selling their services as feng shui experts, having access to a solidly formed practitioner such as Eva Wong is of the greatest value. When looking for a feng shui expert, it is very important to find one whose knowledge has real and firm roots in order to achieve the wished results. If you are serious about learning and applying feng shui principles in your life, you should learn as much solid information as possible, and Eva Wong’s should be in the list.

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