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Jami Lin - A consultant who combines interior design with feng shui

Jami Lin is an Interior Designer graduated at the University of Florida, School of Architecture. But, besides of being a professional interior designer, she is a feng shui consultant as well. This allows her to combine both areas of expertise and create interior designs that contain balanced and harmonized elements.

Besides working as a feng shui interior designer, she also teaches and works as a feng shui instructor. She provides instruction on how to combine and unite the aesthetical aspect of designing an environment and the balance of its elements. She teaches practical ways for designing any space according not only to architecture basics but also to feng shui principles. She is constantly called from many Institutes and schools in order to teach and conduct lectures on her area of expertise.

Jami Lin is an expert not only about feng shui and interior design, but also about other disciplines such as Mythology, Native American arts, philosophy and astrological arts. This makes her have an integral formation which allows her to give very valuable advice on how to achieve an interior design which is in accordance and in harmony to those who will inhabit it. The fusion between feng shui and architecture allows her designs to be both correct and functional at the same time than adapted to the inhabitant’s personal comfort and needs.

This feng shui interior designer has also published many articles of great value. Among these publications we can find The Feng Shui Anthology, Feng Shui Today, Earth Design the Added Dimension, Contemporary Earth Design, Balancing your Body, The Essence of Feng Shui, and a video named Enrich your Life by Design. This list is just an example, since she is constantly expanding her own formation at the same time than writing new articles.

Lin counts with over 25 years of experience and practice, which added to her formation, makes her be a great choice when looking for an interior design that follows feng shui principles at the same time than looking aesthetically attractive. Whatever her client's budget and decoration preferences are, Jami Lin might be able to find an accurate solution for them.

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