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Kwan Lau and feng shui

Kwan Lau is a feng shui consultant who is also known by being the author of some very useful books, among which we can find a very helpful book on Chinese astrology. The name of this book is Secrets of Chinese Astrology: A Handbook for Self Discovery and it allows readers to learn not only about Chinese astrology but also about its relationship with feng shui.

Secrets of Chinese Astrology; Handbook for Self Discovery was written in 1996 and it was Kwan Lau's first book. This book covers each Chinese astrological sign, detailing aspects such as the animals, the elements, the directions and which are most favorable for each sign, and the favorable months, hours and numbers as well. It also explains the different life aspects of each sign and the tendency of character which corresponds to each month. According to the reviews it has received, it is a very interesting and informative book which provides useful information regarding Chinese astrology and each one of the subjects it explores.

Besides Secrets of Chinese Astrology; Handbook for Self Discovery, Kwan Lau is author of several other books as well. In 1996, he wrote I Ching Tarot: Game of Divination and Discovery; also in 1996 wrote Feng Shui for Today: Arranging Your Life for Health and Wealth; in 1998 wrote Feng Shui, and after it he publicized An experimental study of electromagnetic surface waves on a uniform pin reactance structure.

This feng shui practitioner belongs to the Nine Stars Feng Shui school as well as his parents and grandparents have done before him. This way, he is a feng shui expert who has been learning the discipline since he was a child and through traditions as well as by attending the proper feng shui school.

Through his books, Kwan Lau transmits all the knowledge he has gained through the years based on the Nine Stars and Compass school of feng shui which he belongs. This way, he pays special attention to the indications given by the Luo Pans or feng shui compasses and he bases an important amount of his practices on these compass' indications.

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