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The Lillian Too feng shui success story

Lillian Too is known as the most important representative of feng shui around the world; actually you'll find the Lillian Too feng shui books at almost every corner of the earth. Lillian Too's feng shui is based on over thirty years of study and practice, and her teachings are a must when learning about feng shui.

Masters from the east taught Lillian Too feng shui's base of knowledge, and since then she has kept learning and practicing. Her life story reflects how the practice of feng shui and the application of its principles in our own lives can make us be successful in every area where we apply those guidelines.

This way, she has learnt feng shui where its roots are and where its more traditional and pure teachings can be found. This makes Lillian Too feng shui be of an excellent quality allowing her to provide very accurate and helpful tips and teachings regarding feng shui and all that is related to it.

Lillian Too's feng shui knowledge helped her achieving an MBA from Harvard, and then achieving a very successful career life. For years, she has been known as the most successful woman in her area throughout Asia, where, among other achievements, she became CEO of a Bank, being actually the first woman in reaching such goal that part of the world.

After that, Lillian Too's feng shui kept working for her and her success story continued. She worked for other companies always achieving head level positions helping those companies becoming more successful along with her as well. She made such a successful and profitable career that she was able to retire at the age of 45 and entirely dedicate to spreading feng shui knowledge around the world.

Nowadays, Lillian Too's feng shui principles are known through her books as well as through her websites and companies dedicated to feng shui. She has written more than 48 books which has sold all over the globe as well as has founded her own company and her own Institute dedicated to teaching feng shui.


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