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Marina Lighthouse - A western feng shui expert

Marina Lighthouse is one of the most successful western feng shui experts. Although she wasn't born in an Asian country, she grew up in a home where that world area's philosophy and mysticism was always present. Ben Marinovich, Marina’s father, was who first introduced her into the feng shui world. Her father taught her about the Chinese culture in her first years of life, which she learnt without difficulty due to her natural inclination towards the subject.

This occidental feng shui expert studied the I Ching as well as Asian theology very comprehensively. Since she was a kid she always felt attracted to the knowledge and spirituality of that area of the world, which made her study and learn with high curiosity and attention to detail. This way, she started dominating knowledge areas such as Buddhism and Taoism, which later led her to the world of feng shui.

In 1991, Marina Lighthouse started studying feng shui in a highly praised institute from which she got a practitioner certificate in 1996. After that, she became an apprentice of His Holiness Grandmaster Lin Yun, an acclaimed feng shui and Buddhist master and leader. Later, they produced a CD about feng shui and the way it relates with music, called Feng Shui Tune Up.

Since 1998, Marina lighthouse has been working as a feng shui consultant, becoming very successful not only in her country but also around the world. She gives advice not only for houses, but also for businesses of all sizes, from small ones to some of the larger ones. Corporations such as Mercedes Benz or Hewlett Packard have asked her for advice as well as to individuals of all kind of professions and many different kinds of environments.

Marina lighthouse not only works as a feng shui consultant, but also has produced informative CDs and given lectures. She has become one of the most successful feng shui consultants of these days, and shows us that, by learning and practicing thoroughly and with perseverance, a western person can become a feng shui expert and give proper advice and consultations.

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