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The background of the feng shui expert Jon Sandifer

Jon Sandifer's background is very interesting and broad. He is one of the most famous feng shui consultants available, known and asked for advice not only in his country but also worldwide. His name is one of the first names that come to the mind of people who knows about feng shui and wish to recommend an expert.

To start with, he is member of the Register of the MRSST Shiatsu Society and Teacher; he is also Senior Teacher and Counselor of the Kushi Institute of macrobiotics, and is a Registered Consultant of the Feng Shui Society. These institutes are very prestigious and allow people to be able to find consultants who are serious about oriental related disciplines.

He has been learning feng shui and related disciplines since 1977. He has studied and practiced disciplines such as Yin and Yan based healing, shiatsu, feng shui, Chinese philosophy, oriental astrology and macrobiotics among others. His knowledge on each one of these areas is detailed and he is able to give advice and help people with any of them. Actually, he is often called and asked for advice on his areas of expertise from al over the world, by private individuals as well as by businesses of all sizes.

Jon Sandifer has also written some of the most important feng shui books. Among these books, we can find Feng Shui Astrology, Piatkus Guide to Feng Shui, The 10 Day Re Balance Program and Feng Shui Journey. These books have been translated to many different languages and are available worldwide.

Sandifer has also communicated his knowledge through the media. He has written several articles for many different publications as well as he has been interviewed for radio and TV shows. Besides this, he has been called from many countries in order to be a speaker or conduct conferences.

Jon Sandifer is not only a consultant but also a teacher. He spends an important amount of his time teaching, not only through his conferences, articles, books and interviews, but also in several Institutes. He is an example of a successful feng shui consultant whose success is born from the passion for what he does along with dedication and constancy.

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