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The feng shui expert Joey Yap

Joey Yap is an expert in the discipline of feng shui who works as a practitioner as well as a teacher on the subject. Among the feng shui areas in which he mainly focus are the Four Pillars of Destiny and Chinese Astrology. He is consulted and asked for advice by people from many different parts of the world due to his well gained fame and his constant work.

He has founded the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics, where feng shui practitioners and students from all places gather to learn on this ancient practice. This Academy allows feng shui professionals and practitioners to acquire new tools on their area of expertise as well as on feng shui in general.

Joey Yap is known to be an excellent teacher who is said that not only know what he is talking about but also has the ability to transmit it and teach it to others in a way that is not only interesting but also very easy to understand. He can teach those who need a basic and introductory approach to feng shui as well as professionals in the subject who wish to learn more and new skills on the subject

Although he was born in the United States, Joey Yap spent his childhood in Malaysia where he learnt an important amount of oriental related wisdom and entered into the world of feng shui as well. Later, he got a Commerce Degree majoring in accounting from the Curtin University of Australia. Since then, he has worked on activities related to his profession as well as practicing feng shui and teaching Oriental related knowledge.

This feng shui expert spends and shares his time among many different fields and activities. He works in cyber-trading, web site designing and other activities in the field of IT. He owns several businesses which he not only founded but also actively works in them. According to his biography, Joey Yap is a very active person who enjoys not only working and putting into practice what he has learnt but also acquiring new tools and then transmitting them and his knowledge to others.

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