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Jakob Jelling is the founder of http://www.fengshuicrazy.com. Please visit his website and learn all the feng shui tips you'll ever need!

These are the free articles:

Neolithic feng shui
The golden ratio and feng shui
Follow these feng shui tips and sleep better
The four pillars of destiny
Dowsing in feng shui
The powers of the mother of pearl
The supreme imperial dragon
The greedy dragon of ambition
The symbolism of double fishes
Important feng shui dont's
Choose the right incense burner
Learn about the traditional Chinese sailing ships
Attract good fortune with lucky cats
Learn some useful feng shui career tips
Use feng shui techniques to design a harmonic website for your business
Learn some feng shui guidelines for your children's room
Food and feng shui
What to expect from a feng shui consultation
The ten most important feng shui design tips
Learn these feng shui love tips and improve your love life
All you need to know about the feng shui bagua map
The five feng shui elements and their characteristics
Feng shui colors and what they represent
Using a feng shui compass
Feng shui horoscopes
Feng shui decorating guidelines
Feng shui office
Learn all about feng shui money trees
Use feng shui coins to increase your income
Learn how to solve problems with a feng shui mirror

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