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How to achieve feng shui kitchen harmony

According to feng shui, kitchens have a main importance due to the fact that they are a place where people are in touch with nature elements and pays attention to the basic natural human need of eating. A feng shui kitchen should allow those who occupy it to feel in harmony with that space and the elements in it.

The first step you should take in order to have a harmonic feng shui kitchen is to find out its house position according to the bagua map. This would indicate you which life area represents your kitchen and provide you information such as the elements, colors and shapes that it should contain.

Once you have learnt what the feng shui kitchen's placement within the house is, you can use the bagua map in the kitchen space as well. By doing this, you can harmonize each area of the kitchen according to the life area it represents in the bagua. This would tell you the best way to distribute the objects and colors in it.

A feng shui kitchen and the way objects are distributed in it, should not only be in harmony among themselves and the space containing them, but also with those who occupy it. One of the main feng shui principles is that people should feel comfortable within the spaces that its guidelines are put into practice.

The kitchen is where the center of human nourishing and, according to feng shui, symbolizes health and prosperity. Therefore, and according to feng shui kitchen guidelines, this space should always be as clean and tidy as possible, symbolizing good health and providing clear space for working and achieving prosperity.

The kind of food cooked in a kitchen can affect its balance as well as it affects the health of those who eat it. Therefore, cooking balanced and natural food would help and contribute to the general balance within that space as well as to the life quality of its occupants.

It is important to have into account that an important amount of good chi is created in a harmonic feng shui kitchen, and the more balanced its elements are, the better chi would be. A balanced feng shui kitchen should have colors, elements, shapes and objects distribution placed according to feng shui guidelines as well as to human comfort.

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