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Miscellanious Feng Shui Topics

This section of the website covers feng shui issues which didn't fit in any other category.

Confucianism and Daoism
Ancient China was mainly based on two traditional philosophies which were Confucianism and Daoism.

How to sweep the karma of a building
All houses and buildings have their own karmas. These karmas are energy flows which can be positive or negative and affect those who live in the building.

The Great Dharani and Karma
The great dharani is a mantra that must be chanted and repeated many times.

The Template of the Twenty Four Directions Ring
The twenty four directions ring allows us to learn very important information about the environment which surrounds us and the way it affects us.

How to set up a geomantic chart
A geomantic chart is a form of divination based on sixteen signs which comes from ancient dates although it doesn't have a clear date of origin.

Feng shui protective animals
Animals play a large part in the practice of Feng Shui and serve a number of purposes including protection.

Feng shui deities
Feng Shui Deities (or Gods) are thought to be the greatest forms of enhancers and protectors.

Know your fortune with yin yang sticks
If you wish to learn your fortune by your self and following a Chinese method, the yin yang sticks might be the best choice.

The Pin Yin and Wade-Giles methods
The official language in China is Mandarin, a language which represents words and phrases through the use of pictograms.

Attract positive chi with crystal singing bowls
Singing bowls are used to attract positive chi into homes, offices and environments in general.

Cannons and health
According to feng shui guidelines, cannons and arrows can be very harmful for health as well as for all life areas depending on where and how they are placed.

Feng shui and geopathic stress
Alpha human brainwaves vibrate at an almost identical range to the electromagnetic frequency of the earth which is of about 7.83 Hz.

The twenty four mountains system
The twenty four mountains is one of the main aspects which feng shui masters study regarding an environment.

Dowsing in feng shui
Dowsing is a feng shui technique used in order to complement the harmonization of the relationship between an environment and those who inhabit in it.

Kwan Yin, the Goddess of compassion
Kwan Yin is a Chinese Goddess of mercy and compassion. It is used by feng shui practitioners to strengthen love bonds by placing it in the love bagua map area.

The symbolism of a phoenix fan
Fans are an important distinctive of the Chinese culture which are traditionally used not only with practical purposes but according to symbolisms as well.

Bamboo flutes and feng shui cures
Bamboo flutes are very important for feng shui cures as well as for helping an environment to achieve the proper harmony and balance among the objects it contains.

The powers of the mother of pearl
Oriental and Chinese cultures as well as many occidental ones follow traditions based on the belief that some precious stones have important symbolisms and powers.

How does a salt water cure work?
According to feng shui guidelines, salt water is meant to be very helpful at the time of overcoming diseases and health problems.

Red envelops and traditions
According to the Chinese traditions and culture, red envelops are very symbolic and meaningful.

The mythical Chinese unicorn called Chi Lin
Chi Lin is a mythical Chinese creature which is similar to a unicorn. It is often known to be a dragon horse mixture since it seems to have the body of a horse and the head of a dragon.

The supreme imperial dragon
The supreme imperial dragon is a very positive feng shui item which provides help in different life aspects.

How the Rooster of fidelity can help you
The rooster of fidelity is a very important Chinese symbol of marital loyalty.

Learn how feng shui can help you with fertility problems
Millions of couples around the world have fertility problems and can not conceive for which the most recommendable is to recur to a specialist which can properly help them.

Mandarin ducks and romance
If you are about to acquire a romantic item which is based on feng shui and oriental traditions, the mandarin ducks might be the best choice.

The friendliness of Pi You
Pi You is a friendly Chinese and feng shui item which provides protection and security.

The Infinite Kei Loon
The Infinite Kei Loon is said to be a Heaven sent creature which was originally created in order to protect the son of god.

Buddhas: the feng shui happiness attractors
According to oriental cultures, Buddhas are objects which can help those who keep them to attract joy and happiness.

Protect your home with a Qi Lin Tassel
A qi lin tassel is a ancient oriental object which feng shui uses in order to enhance the protection within any environment.

The benefits which pewter Fu Lu Shou can bring to your house
Fu, Lu and Shou are deities which symbolize happiness, wealth and longevity. They are represented and depictured together since they provide symbolism as a unity and they enhance each one of their powers by this union.

The Chung He luo pan
The Chung He or Zhung He luo pan is one of the most known ones after the San Yuan and the San He luo pans.

The JY San He luo pan
The JY San He luo pan is a tool made for all the San He feng shui practitioners who need an accurate tool which combines all the different formulas and instruments they need to use.

The JY San Yuan luo pan
The JY San Yuan luo pan is a complete feng shui tool which contains almost everything that a San Yuan feng shui practitioner might need.

The sacred elephant and feng shui
The elephant is a sacred animal for many oriental cultures and carries a great amount of symbolism.

The San He luo pan
The San He luo pan is one of the most used and known luo pans. This luo pan and the san yuan one are the main feng shui tools for many feng shui masters and practitioners around the world.

The San Yuan luo pan
The San Yuan luo pan or three cycles’ system belongs to one of the two most known Chinese feng shui schools.

The Xuan Kong feng shui system
Xuan Kong or Shu en Kong is a system which belongs to classical feng shui and is followed by many feng shui practitioners.

The dzi beads and their origins
A dzi bead is a Tibetan and Chinese spiritual element which protects those who carry it with them.

Learn about the trinity Fuk Luk Sau
Fuk Luk Sau is a very famous Chinese trinity of deities who represent prosperity, authority and longevity correspondingly.

Choose the right incense burner
Incense and incense burners come in many different varieties. While incenses vary in essences and aromas, incense burners vary in materials and shapes.

Items that can help you enhancing your love relationships
According to feng shui and Chinese culture knowledge, there are some items that might help those who keep them enhancing their love relationships.

Learn about the traditional Chinese sailing ships
The traditional sailing ships are one of the main prosperity Chinese symbols.

Find out how the four animals affect your house
According to the Chinese culture and feng shui, the landscape surrounding any building or house will have a great impact on those spaces and the people who inhabit them.

Use feng shui amulets for your personal protection
Feng shui amulets are symbolic objects which depending on what they represent they can either protect you or help you improving different life areas.

The symbolism behind the Chinese gold ingots
Gold ingots were originally used in ancient China as a currency, and we can say that in their roots they were somehow analogous to our nowadays gold bars.

The eight immortals and their description
The eight immortals is a very famous Chinese legendary group. They are very famous in China where most people know about them and their stories as well as their symbolism are considered to be very helpful and powerful.

Feng shui tips to consider when buying a house
The best way to have a feng shui harmonized house is by having it in mind from the moment of buying it.

Feng shui gift advice
According to feng shui, there are some gifts that can have the opposite effect than intended and be harmful to the person who receives it even though it is given with the best intentions.

Improve your earth luck with lucky charms
Your earth luck depends on the elements balance and harmony in order to be positive.

Feng shui your car today
Even though many people don’t have it into account at the time of applying feng shui principles for their spaces, very often cars are a very important environment where we spend more time than we might realize.

Mandala - The Hindu guidance for designing buildings
A mandala is a Hindu diagram that provides information regarding how to design and balance a building or space.

How does your signature affect your life
Your signature and the way you use your name have a direct impact in your life.

Choose the color of your car according to your kua number
When it comes to buying a car, there are many factors to consider regarding model, type and accessories.

How to use the eight mansions formula
The eight mansions formula provides information about which directions are favorable and which are unfavorable for a person's goals and activities.

Nine star ki
Nine star ki is a feng shui tool which can help us harmonizing our lives by providing us with information based on time and particular dates.

How can the feng shui fu dogs help you?
Fu dogs are a pair of ancient symbols which are half lion and half dragon, one of them a male and the other a female.

Let Chung Kwei protect you from evil
According to ancient traditions, Chung Kwei is a deity which protects people and places from demons and evil spirits.

The pa kua - A symbol of the universe
The pa kua is an eight sided picture which, according to feng shui, symbolizes the universe aspects and in which the feng shui bagua map is based on.

Feng shui can help you improving your health
You can improve and balance your health by following feng shui guidelines.

Have a wedding harmonized by feng shui
As the important day it is, your wedding day should be as special as possible.

How do feng shui and astrology mix
Feng shui and astrology mix at many points. For example, they become mixed through calculations based on personal numbers.

Learn to calculate your feng shui kua number
The feng shui kua numbers identify different human personalities and factors affecting their lives.

Raise your children according to feng shui guidelines
Feng shui can help you and give you useful guidelines for raising your children.

Feng shui in a house that is haunted by a ghost
Feng shui can help you eliminating ghosts from your house. There are some feng shui principles that talk about why some houses can become haunted by a ghost and some others not.

Food and feng shui
Feng shui has a great impact on the food we eat. Feng shui, the food we eat and ourselves are interrelated and influence each other.

How to use a calabash according to feng shui guidelines
A feng shui calabash is an object similar to a bottle which is made of calabash fruit.

How to use feng shui cures
Feng shui metal cures allow us to fight bad energy in any space or environment. Feng shui cures are mainly done based on the five main elements: water, fire, earth, wood and metal.

Is feng shui based on superstition?
Often people wonder if feng shui is based on superstition and we would like to try to answer that.

The Heaven Luck, the Earch Luck and the Man Luck - The feng shui trinity of luck
According to feng shui and Chinese traditions, there is a trinity of luck which describes the kind of life and success each one of us has.

The luo shu and the giant turtle
The feng shui luo shu is a nine grid square from which most of feng shui knowledge originates.

Tong shu and its complex calculations
The tong shu is a Chinese almanac which provides information regarding which dates are favorable and which unfavorable for different purposes.

What is the relationship between feng shui and religion?
Some people tend to mix feng shui with the concept of a religion, thinking of feng shui as a religion which could even be in contradiction with their own.

What is Yin House feng shui?
While Yang House feng shui is the most usual feng shui most people know, occupied on how to harmonize living people houses, Yin House feng shui is about providing the right house for those who have deceased.

What does a feng shui master do?
You might have heard of feng shui masters but maybe you do not know what they know or what kind of knowledge they have.

Top 15 feng shui tips
There are numerous feng shui tips, but some are more important than others.

Let feng shui software help you
Although it seems like feng shui software couldn't really give proper help, due to feng shui's complexity, you would be amazed to find out how accurate and really helpful it can be.

Learn these feng shui love tips and improve your love life
Whether you wish to achieve feng shui love balance or improve your love life through feng shui, here we will detail some of the most important guidelines for you to succeed at it.

Feng shui candles
Pay attention to the color and the shape of the feng shui candle you buy.

Feng shui products
There are many different kinds of feng shui products which would allow you to improve the harmony within your house or any other space.

The differences between vastu and feng shui
Vastu and feng shui are two different ways to see and organize spaces and energy.

Use feng shui symbols to harmonize your house
Feng shui symbols can help you harmonizing and balancing the elements within your house and improve your life quality.

Feng shui dragons and their symbolism
Dragons are some of the most traditional and representative Chinese elements.

Feng shui wind chimes
Add a different touch of sound to your house by placing a feng shui wind chime in it.

The flying star feng shui concept
The flying star feng shui definition is based on a nine numbers diagram made on what is known as the Lo Shu magic square.

What is a feng shui cure based on
A feng shui cure is what must be done when a specific flow of chi or energy must be dispersed or given a new direction.

Feng shui juwelry
From general jewelry to jewelry boxes, feng shui jewelry is an ancient way through which traditions are carried in the oriental world.

Learn how to solve problems with a feng shui mirror
A mirror, when becoming a feng shui mirror, can be used to many more things than allowing us to see how we look.

Use a feng shui crystal as an energy conductor
Feng shui is all about balancing the energy flow within spaces and a feng shui crystal can be a great help at the time to achieve this.

You can achieve and maintain a feng shui garden by yourself
If you want a feng shui garden but do not think you can do it without someone else's help, you should read this article and find out that you can do it by yourself.

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