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Choose the right incense burner

Incense and incense burners come in many different varieties. While incenses vary in essences and aromas, incense burners vary in materials and shapes. Not only the incense you choose will have an effect on your environment, but the incense burner you use will do so as well. The incense you choose might affect your mood and the chi flow around it, while the incense burner might directly affect the feng shui of the space where it is as well as directly affect those who keep it.

Incense burners go hand to hand with incenses since they offer the most comfortable and practical way for you to burn your incenses. Besides, it would add symbolism and harmony to the incense burning activity and to the effect that the essence the incense contains has.

If you wish to have an incense burner which adapts to feng shui principles then you should choose it in order that it helps you adding balance to your house environment. You can do this by choosing it according to the material it is made of or the colors it contains. If you need to add metal to a specific area in order to create harmony, you should look for a metal incense burner. On the other hand, if you need other elements, such as water or fire, you should choose an incense burner painted in colors that represent the wished element.

Another very important factor to consider regarding incense burners are their shapes. You may be able to find incense burners with different forms and imitating different objects. Therefore, you can add symbolism with your incense burner depending on the shape it has and what it represents.

An example of incense burner you may be able to find is a lotus flower shaped one, which would symbolize purity and wisdom as well as it would help you attracting good fortune to your house or any other place where it is used. Lien Hua or the lotus flower is, according to Chinese traditions, a symbol of knowledge, wisdom and purity, and therefore any object representing it would symbolize those attributes as well.

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