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Feng shui wind chimes

Add a different touch of sound to your house by placing a feng shui wind chime in it.

A feng shui wind chime can be a very nice way to add some sound of delicate nature within your house. A feng shui wind chime makes a very nice sound each time wind moves it, and is nice to look at it as well. But besides those characteristics, a feng shui wind chime will help you adding feng shui harmony according to the way you use it.

Depending on where you place it, your feng shui wind chime will help you balancing the environment in which it is. You can consult the bagua map within the whole house or just one room and find out what the best spot for you to place your feng shui wind chime is, and it would even provide you guidance on which kind of wind chime it should be as well.

You can choose different places for your feng shui wind chime, depending on the effect you want to achieve with it. If you mainly want it to decorate and add a nice harmonic touch, you can place it near a door or a window where you can see it and hear it. You can also choose the spot according to how the breeze moves in it, either if you want delicate breezes or a windier place where your feng shui wind chime would sound louder.

Your feng shui wind chime can be placed according to feng shui guidelines and the way elements are distributed within the house or the room. If, for example, there is a dark corner in the room which needs to have more energy and attract chi to it, you can achieve that by placing your feng shui wind chime in it, this would not only attract chi energy but also enlighten and give life to that dark spot.

There is one important tip regarding your feng shui wind chime which you should know: you shouldn't place it at your office or work place. A feng shui wind chime not only doesn't add to a professional environment but also would act as a distraction element for you as well as for your clients and people who go to it. Therefore, you should always avoid placing a wind chime in a work environment.

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