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How does your signature affect your life?

Your signature and the way you use your name have a direct impact in your life. The way you write your name can bring you prosperity and wealth when done properly as well as attract bad luck to you when you make a bad use of it. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the way and places where your signature may appear.

You should always be careful on what you do with your signature and how you use it. Loosing the control of where your name is written might make you loose control of your life as well. Therefore, you should avoid having your signature written on any place which doesn't have a positive purpose.

According to feng shui, your name represents you, and wherever your name appears it is directly symbolizing yourself. Your signature should always be used having this in mind and never in a way such that allows other people step on it or have control of it over you. You must always be in control of your name and signature and what it is used for.

The materials in which your name is written or represented can be a great way to attract prosperity. If, for example, you have your name written in gold, it would attract wealth to you. On the other hand, if you write your name on calling cards in a clear and elegant way, it would attract prosperity to you as well as help people trusting you.

If you will have your name written by a door, it should be placed at the eye level or above it but never lower than that. Ideally, you should try to write it by using golden elements and a clear letter style. The use of colors representing your influential elements according to your feng shui kua number is beneficial as well.

Your name should always appear as clear and visible as possible. Placing your signature at a high place on a paper would be much more beneficial for you than writing it at the lower side of it. And writing it clearly and in a dark color would help you attracting fame and good reputation.

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