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Protect your home with a Qi Lin Tassel

A qi lin tassel is a ancient oriental object which feng shui uses in order to enhance the protection within any environment. Qi lins can be seen in many oriental houses and buildings, and even some palaces show them as a protective ornament at their entrance. In the oriental cultures, Qi lins or Kei Loons, are widely known and employed as symbolic objects which not only have the purpose of protecting but also helping people achieving some of their life goals.

According to Chinese traditions, qi lin tassels are very loyal to their owners and protect them as they would protect themselves. They would not only protect those who keep it but also help them attract prosperity and good luck to the environment where they are. Therefore, they are ideal for being placed at strategic environment places, such as those which feng shui guidelines indicate to be the right spots for attracting prosperity.

A red string around a qi lin tassel makes this object very auspicious and enhances its good luck powers. According to Chinese traditions, color red, and especially red strings are known to be good luck and fortune attractors as well as very auspicious for every life aspect. Therefore, a qi lin tassel with a red string can be a very powerful and auspicious amulet.

A protective qi lin tassel can also be placed according to feng shui guidelines and to what the bagua map indicates. For example, if you need to attract good luck to a spot which has wood as its main element, you can place a wood qi lin tassel and solve the problem. Or, in case you need to add metal to a specific environment in which money has a great impact, you can hang a metal qi lin tassel at it.

Qi lin tassels can be not only placed at houses or offices, but they can also be carried and kept as a good luck amulet. This way, qi lin tassels can work as feng shui lucky charms and protect you not only while you are in your house or at work but also the rest of the time and wherever you go.

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