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The benefits which pewter Fu Lu Shou can bring to your house

Fu, Lu and Shou are deities which symbolize happiness, wealth and longevity. They are represented and depictured together since they provide symbolism as a unity and they enhance each one of their powers by this union. They work as a trinity and attract their three benefits altogether; you might hardly see them being sold by their own, and actually you shouldn’t wish to buy them separately since most of each one of their powers depend on their unity.

According to feng shui, the best place for a pewter Fu, Lu and Shou to be is at the house entrance or hall as well as near the office's door. Ideally, they should be placed facing their owner's Sheng Chi direction since this would highly enhance the attraction of happiness, wealth and longevity to his life.

Fu is usually represented carrying a roll or tube and he is the one which represents and attracts happiness. Shou represents immortality and longevity, and is usually depicted carrying a staff which is known to be a longevity symbol. Shou also carries a gourd which contains the Life Elixir and which symbolizes long life and youth. Lu represents wealth and is depicted carrying a scepter which has a curved shape and is called ru yi.

The pewter Fu Lu Shou is a very important feng shui object. Pewter belongs to the element metal which is one of the main feng shui elements and is indispensable for the harmony within the environments. This way, pewter Fu lu Shou allows to add the metal element at the same time than attracting happiness, wealth and longevity to the environment in which it is.

You can place pewter Fu Lu Show at any specific or strategic spot in any environment you wish and attract the benefits they bring. They can be placed at any house, working space or even the car and help you being happy, wealthy and having a long life. They are very auspicious elements which can be seen in many oriental homes and businesses as well as in many other places in which feng shui guidelines are followed.

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